Gathan Beaga

springtime can't be too far away...

B₂'s team play for the cup!I figure this must be the case, because we’ve just had our second weekend in a row of Saturday morning kids’ football, so the weather must be on the improve. Heavy rain had turned the fields into quagmires, causing cancellations on almost 1 playing day in 2 since mid-April; and this is the last session for this season.

Three other things tell of spring:

  1. It’s sunny outside. Finally! And without any wind too. Far off in the gully I can hear a bellbird; the neighbours’ chickens (yes, apostrophe watchers, we have more than one neighbour with chickens) are clucking contentedly at the fortunate weather, and the girls have taken it upon themselves to do some weeding. (Go for it, girls!)
  2. The first blossoms have appeared on our cherry tree.
  3. And these big boys are hanging about:

kererū in the kōwhai tree

The kererū here in Wellington aren’t very scared of people – maybe that’s true everywhere, I don’t know – so I was able to get quite close. It may have been eating the kōwhai tree’s buds, which probably isn’t optimal but I figure better the kererū than those bloody rosellas.

I’m sure we’ll see this one back here in November and December, when the cherries are ready.