Gathan Beaga

spring festival fun

Bella volunteers her Dad for the stage showAt 11:00am we trucked along to the soundshell in the Botanic garden: for there, to the great excitement of our girls, would be Fairy Trina.

So it was: Fairy Trina leading the kids in dances, stories, and much hilarity. Of course, in such an group of sitting-back-ish parents and completely mad kids, some audience participation was called for. Obviously more parents needed to be dragged up onto the stage.

And so the photo shows the exact moment when Bella is responding to Fairy Trina’s request for Dads to come on stage. She then pointed me out, while I tried to hide behind Rosa’s back pack further out in the audience. I had a lucky escape though – it turned out that Trina’s pointed request for “You out there with the glasses” also fit the description of another Dad a few metres in front of me. He went up instead.

The girls absolutely loved it, and Bella wanted to come back for the next show (in which the big attraction was a piñata filled with lollies). But it was lunchtime.

We went around the corner to Café Botanic. We hadn’t been there for a while. And I won’t be rushing back. The service was rather eccentric: a sullen waitress came to ask us if we’d finished with our number (for table ID) before we had any food delivered; and periodically a forlorn looking waiter would wander about with a couple of lattés crying “eighteen? eighteen?”.

Worst of all was my food. Eggs Benedict, supposedly. It’s making me queasy just thinking about it: while the eggs were OK, the Hollandaise was revolting. It had obviously come out of a container from the supermarket: it was thick and gloopy, and had that unnatural glossy sheen of cheap bought mayonnaise. I kept burping little reminders of it all afternoon.

But I should point out that Becky was more than happy with hers, the French Toast & Bananas etc etc.

Even so, the food experience didn’t dampen the day, and we took a swag of photos of the girls and the tulips as we walked back to the car. It’s looking pretty good down there at the moment.