Gathan Beaga

some things that have made me happy

wilding cabbage treeThis week, at least.

  • when trimming the grassy strip (the pole part of our flag-pole shaped section) leading up to the road I discovered a wilding cabbage tree hidden in the grass. Goodness knows how it escaped being cut to pieces earlier in the year the last time I trimmed the grass, but there it is. And there it will stay.
  • Annie Belcher’s Dry Cleaners revealed under a partially dismantled façade along Willis Street. I like how not all history is torn down: sometimes it is just accreted over, ready to be revealed years later.
  • Apple did good and replaced the old iBook’s logic board again. Thanks!
  • And so, I rebuilt the iBook’s system for the kids to use. It turns out there’s a range of quite cool built in options for simplifying and locking down the user interface. It’s possible to restrict a particular user’s ability to see (and use) any particular application, and if required further restrict the use of individual apps (e.g., whitelisting of web addresses and instant messaging buddies… not that I’ve gone this far).
  • Tui + Kōwhai the tuis are moving from the kōwhai, which seems to be coming towards the end of its flowering season, and on to the flax. The nice thing about this is that the flax is right outside the lounge windows, so we get an even better view.
  • I have a new laptop from work. The idea is that I use it for travel, and when I need to at home, using a VPN to remote desktop into my workstation in the office. I find this a little extravagant though, and am thinking of just having the laptop as my only work machine. It’s an HP nc4400, very small and very very fast. And hot – the fan blows gusts of hot air out the side at regular intervals. Still, I’m a sucker for new gadgets.
  • our barbequeAnd this: R. and I having a beer this evening in the sun, standing on the deck “supervising” the kids while they run wild on the lawn below; the breeze keeping us well supplied with the thick smells of cooking steak…

Summer is coming.