Gathan Beaga

some things in life are free

In the mail this week, an interesting envelope arrived from my (ex-) bank, the National Bank.

National Bank Promo (1)

It was thick, and rustled slightly.

“It’s nice to know some things in life are free”?


But what could the bank be sending me?

National Bank Promo (3)

Blah blah blah. Just a letter for some new product. The usual sort of thing.

But wait! What’s that behind the letter? There’s something else in here!

Hey, maybe it’s the free thing they talked about on the envelope!

National Bank Promo (4)

Errr, no.

Just a little bag stuck to a piece of card, helpfully labelled “Air”.

And I feel like I’ve been trolled.

(I leave it up to the reader to decide whether I paid any subsequent attention to the actual content of the letter.)