Gathan Beaga

some other stuff

So in between iPods and Snappers I have been thinking of the occasional other thing. Just occasionally, like.

  • it’s Māori language week. And just coincidentally (not) this week Google unveiled its Māori language version. Ka pai!
  • Speaking of Google. They’re just getting spookily good, now. I did a search for “Imagelab Wellington” to find out the location of the place where R. got my rutting flies enlarged, as I need to do a reprint. So Google comes back with a map of the location as the top hit and, clicking on the “reviews and more” link gives me other stuff, plus a list of the bus numbers that pass by. Amazing. And an easy job for my Snapper card, tomorrow.
  • Browsing, as one does, I came across Neon Neon, a side project of fave band Super Furry Animal‘s singer Gruff Rhys. So I immediately downloaded it (from iTunes Plus) – to find an album of perfectly formed 80’s tribute music, in fact a concept album based on the life of 80’s icon John DeLorean. Fucking brilliant, and so typical of Mr Rhys’s offbeat genius.
  • My pleasure at winning in Mario Kart, while not diminished, is tempered by the fact that B₂ (aged 7) now beats me three times out of four at the game. In the online game, she holds her own, whereas I have lost so many points I’m wondering how I can wipe the slate clean and start again. This proves I will never be more than a crap gamer, with the all-but-unstarted Metroid Prime and unfinished-after-100-hours Zelda getting dusty in the cupboard and further proving the point. But B₂ now: she just gets better and better.
  • Trism = iP(hone|od) crack. And only $6.49 of those increasingly flaccid New Zealand dollars, too.

Sorry, I just had to mention both iPods and Snappers. I have a two-track mind.