Gathan Beaga


Rosa is smiling a lot more these days. If you catch her eye and smile, or talk to her, she crinkles up big time, occasionally vocalising (the indulgent parental word is “cooing”) and generally being pretty engaging. While winding her during her feed this morning (4:30 am) she just couldn’t stop.

Not that we minded of course – it was recompense for the stress she put us through earlier on.

Most of yesterday she was irritable and wouldn’t sleep. What sleep she did get was in our arms, held upright. The rest of the time she was making loud cries (my ears are still ringing). We just thought she had a bad case of reflux again, but in the early evening it became obvious that she also had a temperature, and then she stopped wanting to feed. This was a worry. There is that thing that New Zealand parents in particular dread: meningicoccal disease.

The after-hours emergency clinic agreed with our concern when Becky called, and told us to come down as soon as possible for a check-up. I bundled the now piteously screaming Rosa into the car and raced down to the clinic, a fifteen minute drive away. A doctor examined her immediately…

                    …and it turned out that it was (just?) an ear infection, a holdover from the cold that we all went through a couple weeks ago. And later, at home, after some Pamol and antibiotic she calmed down enough to sleep reasonably well.

Today’s been a bit full on – she’s still not well – but the smiles are back (in between the screaming).