Gathan Beaga


Back now from down south… and no, it wasn’t too cold. We had a pretty good time, even if travelling with a (nearly) two-year-old is not meant to be the ultimate in relaxation. Bella has made lots of new friends, human and animal, and is still talking about her experiences days later.

For example, everytime she sees or thinks about a sheep she starts talking about all the activity she saw in the shearing shed. The blade shearers were on the farm while we were there, and, the blades being very quiet compared to the machines I was able to get quite close with Bella and introduce to her to one of the shearers (one of the same guys, Jimmy, who used to sew me and my brothers moccasins out of old woolpacks as kids 25 years ago). Now she talks about how Jimmy “takes the wool off the sheep”.

In the meantine the kitchen is looking good (thanks to all Becky’s effort in organising everything) and it won’t be long until it’s completely finished.