Gathan Beaga


Meow MeowThanks to Matt from Mojo R. and I got to go see Meow Meow the other night. It was our first (and probably only) Festival of the Arts gig this time around (and if the truth be known, more or less the first since the kids were born).

It was pretty entertaining, but I do wish Meow Meow’d done more singing and less mucking about. Still, I think the rather savage reviewer in the Dominion Post this morning was over-egging it a bit.

We had gone to the excellent Sweet Mother’s Kitchen for dinner – we’re still working our way through all the variously nominated venues and shops from last year’s Wellingtonista Awards – and on the way to the Festival Tent we passed the now-famous shadow wall (Body Movies) at Te Papa:

shadowplay (3)

I had heard of the shadow wall from someone, I can’t remember who. Every festival has at least one public art installation or free performance that somehow gets into the collective consciousness, to the extent that it becomes the subject of ordinary conversation. This is one; Gravity and other Myths seems to be another (OK, it was from last year’s Fringe and is making a comeback as part of Summer City, but you know what I mean).

Anyway, photos of people are projected against the wall; the twist being they they are only really visible once people create shadows out of the very strong lights positioned behind the picture projectors. We could have stayed there for a lot longer, watching what people (literally) made of it.

All in all, it was damn good to get out for some adult cultural activity. We’ll have to do it again. Soon.