Gathan Beaga


Much as I dislike the Microsoft monoculture (hey! I’m a Mac user by preference!) there is one application Microsoft make that I truly love.

Excel: the swiss-army knife for data-wranglers.

Of course, this must be because it was originally developed for the Mac and only later ported to Windows, right? Not quite. It has other, more significant attractions. I love it in all its number crunching glory; its chartly goodness; its informatising of data; its massage into utility of unruly datasets. I like how I still manage to find useful features I never knew were there on quite a regular basis.

I spend a bit of time at work playing with data in Excel (but not figures: I’m no beancounter!) where my biggest gripe is that it can’t handle more than about 64,000 rows. And now, having Office X at home (look! pretty!) I can make nice anti-aliased graphs for my own amusement (for example, an update of my spam graph).

Oh. Stop. Just stop right there.

Having just stopped to read the crap I’m writing, I’ve changed the title of this post to “sad”.