Gathan Beaga

rush / ride

There should be a name for it.

Sometimes, when you’re listening to a fine piece of music at volume (and particularly through headphones), you get this incredible rush. For me, certain types of chord changes always do it. Phased guitars help a lot.

This morning, being the first of the month, I have quite a bit of routine BAU crap at work to wade through before returning to my regularly scheduled activities (like aimless web surfing). So what better to do than listen to music while I do it…?

Time then for a classic of early 90’s britpop, Ride’s Nowhere. Lyrically a bit whiffy of sixth-form poetry, but sonically full on power-pop: guitarry shimmers; squally feedback waves; sweet vocals. And chord changes to die for.

In particular: Polar Bear; Dreams Burn Down; Paralysed; Nowhere; and then on to later Ride classics like Leave Them All Behind (swooping guitars like a squadron of F16s, ohhhh); Chrome Waves; Moonlight Medicine; and Birdman.

Now my ears hurt. But I feel damned fantastic.