Gathan Beaga


Not an aid to herbicidal mania (this time, anyway) but just a run through of some points of interest from recent days and the week ahead:

  • The possible maximum redevelopment for Il Casino would be a terrible shame: not just for the urban living aspects laid out by Tom but also for selfish, sentimental reasons: I proposed to R. there one nerve-wracking night in 1995. (Not that she hadn’t guessed what I was up to as soon as I casually suggested dinner out at Il Casino – such is the name of the place, combined with a certain amount of feminine intuition on her part…)
  • And speaking of Tom: check out the recording of his spot on Kim Hill on Saturday. Who would have known there was so much to a martini? Not I. Hopefully Tom will be showing us Wellingtonistas some of the knowledge on Friday.
  • But Radio New Zealand: suddenly you are useful again, offering most of your good programmes via podcast now! Fantastic stuff.
  • We, that is B₂, R₂, R. and me, went to Susan and Sean’s 10th wedding anniversary party on Saturday. Who knew that our Playcentre president was at the centre of a vast social network encompassing the usually divergent areas of role-playing, Playcentre, and blogging? Not I.
  • Watch closely, and you can just about see me putting my neck out of joint in a recent rough cut for the latest Minuit video. Sections of it were filmed at THAT gig. Where I was in the front row being reminded of my own imminent mortality by some bright young things behind me.
  • And don’t forget: Minuit are swinging by again this weekend, with two gigs at SubNine in Edward Street on Saturday night. The early one, despite it not having a bar, may be more doable for me given that I have to be up the next morning at 6am to look after the girls. (Because 6am is many a small child’s wake up time, especially when their uncanny esp abilities detect a parental hangover.)
  • Musick, musick: I’ve signed up for Mog, a sort of music preference sharing site a bit like, but better (for me, at least) in that it actually works, unlike AudioScrobbler. So here I am – you can check out what’s on the iPod and what gets played. Although it will be somewhat skewed by what’s on R.’s Shuffle (100% NZ music compilation) and what the girls play through the computer (100% Aussie multi-millionaires, the Wiggles).

And now: back to our original program.