Gathan Beaga

rockstar supernova, how do I hate thee?

A lot. (Sorry Jo.)

  • second rate “rockstars” dispensing their “wisdom”;
  • beautiful pouting rockettes (male and female) all vulgar tattoos, piercings, tight black jeans and a raging sense of entitlement;
  • arguable voice talent without any sense of style;
  • competence without passion;
  • songs that all sound the same, no matter where they were from originally (please don’t do REM again, EVER);
  • cringeworthy “star” behaviours;
  • desperate rent-a-crowd of self-consciously hip clones swaying in unison;
  • “there are no losers here”, a phrase said only to the loser;
  • butchery; bitchery; and
  • ever present suckiness like a constant low hum.

But, as with many reality TV programs, I find the experience of viewing so sapping that I can never seem to muster the strength to change the channel.

Weird, eh?