Gathan Beaga


Seven and a half years ago we got given a espresso machine as a wedding present. It’s seen a lot of use in that time, although less lately now that work has a pretty decent espresso machine installed and I can fuel up there.

Our machine gets its best workout at the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday mornings between about 10 and 11 is “fluffy” time. In a large espresso cup Bella gets some steamed milk with heaped mountains of milk foam on top, together with generous sprinklings of chocolate. Becky has a decaf latte (she’s off the caffeine while she’s still feeding Rosa), and I have a flat white made with some Kenyan Peaberry from Supreme.

Forget the coffee snobbery though. I guess the point of this is not the kind of coffee, or even what we are drinking. The point is that we are doing something we all enjoy together, something that has become a stable family ritual to look forward to. It’s a calm time, a non-breaking space in the weekend’s story.

Every family has them. This is one of ours.