Gathan Beaga


So the holiday down south is over again for this summer. Not that I’ve mentioned it, except obliquely, up until now, here at least.

We had two weeks down there, and those following my Twitter stream will be sick of the doings by now. However, I have photos, and like Uncle Bob’s interminable slideshow of his and Verna’s European trip I will inflict them on you all.

Like this one:

Burke's Pass

This was on the trip home: we were driving through the Mackenzie Country, having left Central Otago at 5:30am to make the Picton ferry by 5:00pm (and all this not helped by a lack of sleep caused by vomitous child overnight: me with 3 decent hours and R. with 2). Anyway, it was 20°C and calm, up through Twizel and Tekapo, but to our right, suspended over Burke’s Pass, was a standing waterfall of cloud tumbling off the hills.

I was in too much of a rush to get a better photo from further away, snapping this one during one of our hourly driver swapovers instead (it doesn’t really do the conditions justice).

As we got closer, the temperature dropped to 14°C, and then 12°C, with a howling wind and drizzle. The change in 10 kilometers or so from Tekapo to the pass was very dramatic. Further on, Fairlie was wet; and Geraldine was damp and cold, a cool easterly blowing in off the sea.

The weather improved the further up the Canterbury Plains we got, but there was still a coastal breeze all day which did improve the driving conditions.

And we did make it to the ferry in time.

Still recovering though.