Gathan Beaga


The weather here goes from bad to worse.

We were to have gone to Susan‘s place for a bit of a New Year’s Eve party… but a cold rain swept in from the south at about 3pm and stayed. And we lost the will to move.

So that’s why I’m sitting here, ten minutes away from midnight, something bland on the TV while we wait, for no good reason, for the clock to tick over; bottle of wine finished a long time ago and eyes ready to drop.

I’ve been busy following up on a New Year’s resolution – not a very exciting one – to keep better track of our finances. I’ve spent much of today looking at 16 (yes!) different financial apps for the Macintosh, finally settling on iBank (close second: Moneydance). I’d go through my reasoning for this but I can’t be bothered right now.

Then I spent this evening getting all the transactions from September onwards into iBank. Result: I can tell you that I spend more on coffee for me than R. does on petrol for the car. Bloody hell.

And this would have to be the dullest way to spend a New Year’s Eve that I’ve ever had. But I don’t care.

Happy New Year.