Gathan Beaga


There’s barely a morning left as I write this, tired but now human after sleep and some coffee.

The last few days I’ve been at Webstock, whose after-party ended late last night. I went home on the bus clutching my very own giant plush Pinkie Pie (long story) and sat up later still, buzzing away. I may write about this too.

In the meantime though, I want to say this: I want to try to pull back from the Twitters and the Four Squares and all those other sharing apps. I’m reconciled to sharing – I even enjoy it… but it should really be on my terms and owned by me.

It’s not that I’m suddenly rage-quitting all that stuff, just slowing down and realising they’re a tool, not an end in themselves.

And I do want to return to this blog, which is now nearing its 10th year. It may take a little more work to express myself here, but it’s mine.

That morning has passed now. Better make some lunch.