Gathan Beaga

renaissance: meet clue

[Warning: dull posting ahoy!]

Like many of the faithful Mac lemmings, I rushed out and picked up a copy of the new OS upgrade. After a bit of hand-holding courtesy of a very useful eBook I’ve got it all happily installed. And it’s very nice. There’s just enough cool things in it to keep me going. And it’s marginally faster than 10.2 on my iBook (800Mhz; 640Mb; 32Mb VRAM).

What’s not so good is Apple’s insistence that yet another license for Quicktime Pro needs to be purchased if I want to view movies full screen (among other advantages… although the full screen thing is the most pressing if I want to continue watching all those, ah, downloaded TV programs).

OK, if you insist, Mr Jobs. Here, have some more money.

So off I went to the Apple NZ web store, thinking it’d be a simple matter to buy the little string of letters that enables the extra features to be unlocked. But no.

no Quicktime in the NZ Apple store

That’s right. You can’t actually buy it from them!

So I fired off a quick email and got this curious reply, the pertinent bit of which was as follows:

While it is not possible to order Quicktime products through the NZ online store, it is possible to purchase Quicktime Pro online through Apple Australia:

Please note that New Zealand customers must: Enter in your addressing details as normal but put NSW in the STATE field and 2000 in the POSTCODE field. This will signify that it is a New Zealand order.

After purchasing the product, you should be emailed an activation key.

Huh? Renaissance, the official NZ distributor for Apple, can’t get it together enough to offer something as simple as a license code on their site? This, the same company that’s making truckloads of cash off the aforementioned Apple lemmings?


Well, since it’s obviously OK by Apple NZ / Renaissance to falsify one’s address details with Apple then I might as well purchase it at the US Apple Store, pretend to be from a state with no sales tax (like Oregon, for example), and save some handy wedge.

And maybe Renaissance can get their shit together for next time.