Gathan Beaga

re-skin a la tui

Well, it had to happen. I have a new blog layout for the, I think, sixth time in the five and a half year life of this blog, and almost a year to the day since the last big switch. In case Mojo Matt comes by, I must say that I still love Mojo, just not on my blog anymore.

Of course, for most of my regular readers this is somewhat of an an irrelevance as you tend to use RSS readers of some description or another (about 75 of you, according to Feedburner – who are you all?). Anyone else – well typically they are referred by search engines, and they’re after content, not eye-soothing blog layouts.

Anyway. This time I went for adapting the template of an award-winning design genius, and got R. to help me with the colours. You may notice that the background image bears a resemblance to this photo I took a couple months ago. Two days of mucking about with that photo over the weekend yielded what you see there. I now know a lot more about how to get Inkscape to do stuff, which is no bad thing.

But enough fluff. I need to remember to post more often so that I can recoup the time investment in template fiddling.