Gathan Beaga

random crap pt. 55

I’m ploughing through a bottle of riesling while surfing.

  • here’s a graphic illustration of one of the many perils of fishing (via Schneier )
  • we’re looking forward to a holiday
  • I have to complete my team. But I don’t know who is who any more. My cousins will beat me again, damn it all.
  • the girls love that buffalo vs. lion vs. croc video
  • years ago, solo on another cold and damp night, I get a hell of a fright watching Eraserhead. Being more of a fan of music than movies, I see this song, and nearly kek my daks. How the fuck did the Pixies end up in here, I thought, before realising what had just happened…
  • Tony Wilson is dead. I’m saddened. Joy Division; New Order; the Durutti Column; A Certain Ratio; Happy Mondays… and many more lurk still in my last bin of vinyl and thankfully duplicated in my drawers of CDs. I want to watch 24 Hour Party People again and again.

That’s enough. It’s bedtime, and my girls awaiteth no hangover on a Sunday morning.