Gathan Beaga

prison break

For many months Mr Reasonable would rave about this new TV program called Prison Break that he and Mrs R have been watching. It was the story of a guy getting sent to prison so that he could spring his brother, who is on death row.

I couldn’t quite see how this could lead to a full series of excitement, but hey, 24 was a big hit too and that covered just a single day.

So now R. and I are, with the help of our euphemistic American Friends three episodes into it ourselves. And I can see what Mr Reasonable was talking about now.

Of course the hero has a fiendishly clever plan. But what he hasn’t reckoned with is the desperate, the bad, the mad, the race politics, and corrupt guards in prison. Every time you think he’s getting somewhere, there’s a setback. There’s also a series of outside subplots involving an ex-girlfriend and a bunch of corrupt Secret Service agents which could get very interesting.

It’s tense stuff; violent; twists and turns; cliff hanger endings. Both of us covering our eyes on a number of occasions.

And now TV3 appear to be showing teaser trailers for it. So if you can’t be bothered engaging some American friends to send you, ah, VHS copies, just wait a week or two and see it on TV3. You won’t be disappointed.