Gathan Beaga

practice, practice, practice

Mocha for R.If you’ve been looking at my Flickr stream you will have noticed, among the obsessive cataloguing the swirly patterns in early morning Wellington skylines, …some, ah, obsessive cataloguing of the swirly patterns in my daily cups of (bought from the café) coffee.

And after observing how the baristas at Mojo pour I’ve been practicing at home. Our machine doesn’t deliver very fine foam of the sort required… but luckily daughter #1 loves foam piled high in her cup of hot choc (and even luckier, daughter #2 loves hot milk and no foam with hers) so I usually spoon all the coarse foam out, leaving the thick, creamy, pourable stuff for R. and me.

Even so, results have been pretty variable, until Sunday, and this mocha I made for R..

Somehow, it just worked. Obviously I need to practice a bit more before it’s café quality, but I’m feeling just a little bit pleased with myself.