Gathan Beaga

post flickr retinal scarring

Oh my God.

Not that I have a God of my own, it’s just that a casual trawl through premier photo sharing site Flickr can leave some pretty heavy damage on the optics. My eyes are still watering after being abused with this, a collection of recent “specially” themed photoshoppings from around the web (and quite a few from New Zealand). Gee thanks to Brenda (alias taniwha on Flickr) for sending me down that particular rabbit hole.

One thing that is nice about Flickr is the ability to use the tags to find a picture of just about anything you can think of:

“Bella – what animal would you like to see now?”

“Well, I think a zebra, because black and white are my favourite colours. And purple and pink too.”

Well Bella, for you: some zebras. No pink or purple ones though.

Also recommended is the explore feature, where they use the users’ own behaviour to predict what may or may not be an “interesting” photo. This pulls out superlative stuff, every day – imagine 500 great photos to look at every day – well that’s what you get there. And then you can follow up on the photographers themselves – like the odd trend – maybe it’s just my perception – towards interesting, almost gothic arab women photographers like MisLeaD, UAE Princess, truth_hurts, UAE-inspirer, Sweet Princess, and this person whose name I cannot transliterate.

There are hours in there, hours.