Gathan Beaga

plague house

It’s been a bit of a full-on week. Bella caught a heavy cold, and of course transmitted it to all of us, including Rosa. It wouldn’t be so bad if just one of us had it, but things don’t work out that way. Becky has been hit hard by the cold too, and has to cope with the girls during the day as well as waking up in the night to feed Rosa… (That doesn’t stop just yet.) Bella has had a cough so painful that she would burst out crying every time she has a coughing jag. And Rosa has had stages lately where she could not sleep lying down without retching from all the nasal mucus tickling the back of her throat.

You can imagine how heartbreaking it is holding on to Rosa, this tiny wee thing, while she tries to turn her lungs inside out with coughing.

It’s not been easy for anyone. I’ve had two days at home to help, and today Becky’s Mum Lynnette has come over from Masterton. (I could hear the cavalry trumpet sounding.)

All this of course, and especially the sick baby, is a second child thing. The first child is never in extensive contact with other children when very young.This time around we have Bella out at Playcentre and with friends, and as soon as she gets something she’ll give it to her little sister. It’s hard to explain to a cold-ridden Bella looking for comfort why she can’t cuddle her little sister. It can’t be stopped. Maybe it shouldn’t be stopped. But I’m not keen on more weeks like this.