Gathan Beaga

photo management software?

I need some advice on a Windows software issue facing my parents (hi Mum!). As a Macintosh user I’m not well qualified to help, especially as I’m 800km away from the machine concerned.

My parents have a new Digital Camera, an Olympus. Of course, with the arrival of another new grandaughter, they’ve realised they need to be able to email the photos out. Problem is, the bundled software (Camedia Master 4.1) does not seem to be very simple to use, with several key features such as easy emailing of photos only available in the “pro” upgrade which costs US$19.95.

What a bloody racket.

I’m thinking that it might be an idea to find better/simpler photo management software for around the same price (or cheaper) as the Camedia upgrade. Some googling pulled up Picasa, which I am at present downloading so I can email it to Mum to try out. I like the look of it for several reasons:

  • it seems to be trying to be iPhoto for Windows, which is no bad thing;
  • it has a simple, uncluttered looking interface;
  • it makes copies of all your photos, leaving the originals intact (so no matter what you do to a photo with Picasa, somewhere there is an original version untouched);
  • it has an “email” button which hooks up to Outlook;
  • there’s a 15 day trial.

There’s quite a few good recommendations on the web, and one or two thumbs-down (although the latter seem to be from people complaining that it doesn’t have enough features, which in this case is not a problem).

Does anyone have any better recommendations?