Gathan Beaga

Peter Dunne: sore loser?

I’m struggling to understand what exactly it is that Peter Dunne has against the Greens. He keeps coming out and saying that he can’t support any Government that contains the Greens, either with them in Cabinet or out:

“We would not support any government of which the Greens were a formal part…whatever the nature of that coalition,” he said before the meeting.

Asked if that meant abstaining on confidence and supply – as Mr Peters will unless his seven votes are needed to stop the Government falling or being hijacked – Mr Dunne replied: "You’re sent here to vote, so you vote either for or against.

This is a bit silly. And I’m not the only one that thinks this. Barry Soper gets the boot in to poor old Peter.

I think Mr Dunne is annoyed that the Greens got more list votes than United Future in his own electorate. He’s taking it all a bit personally, and maybe this is making him feel a bit late-middle-aged and deflated.

Well, whatever it is, it’s not rational. Because this kind of anti-cooperative behaviour surely cannot be a useful long term strategy in the world of MMP politics.