Gathan Beaga


Becky and Bella are out buying birthday presents; Rosa is in bed asleep; and I’m here at home in the quiet of a Saturday morning.

So I did in the end get the Pocketop keyboard from eBay. It’s pretty cool, so cool that I’m typing this post on it: yet another gratuitous and dull episode that I don’t have the self-control to resist relating.

The keyboard is perhaps a little small in its layout, but I think I’ll get used to it fairly quickly. After all, the small size is half the point of the thing: folded up it is no bigger than a Palm V.

Usage seems to suck the batteries of the P900 quick though (particularly if you forget to turn the IR driver off on the handset when you are not using it). Overall a great buy.

I’d better wrap this up before the phone batteries die. I am such a weak-willed sucker for cool gadgets!