Gathan Beaga

pastel morning (with finger)

pastel morning (with finger)Another clear and warm, windless morning.

The sun is so low that it strikes the haze in the air, rendering the Orongorongos in pastel hues not seen since that dreadful eighties era of washed out pastel prints.

It’s much more interesting in real life, of course: this sort of picture defeats most cameras (or should I say: “most photographers”) and even with my impromptu sunshade most of the delicate shadings are destroyed.

The finger, of course, is mine: shading the sun from the phone as I take the photo… and once again, the vantage point being that little lookout on Orangi Kaupapa road on my walk to work.

This is the closest I get to the outdoors all day. Close enough, but not for long.