Gathan Beaga

oot an' aboot

Not much happening here worth talking about – lots of work on, so I’ve brought my work laptop home, turned it on, and now… well of course I’m just aimlessly surfing the net with it.

Time then to cruise around my linklist, looking for interesting stuff that other people are doing. And a list of stuff is to be made.

  • Top of the list is Matthew. Currently he’s down on Codfish Island, off Stewart Island, being one of the caretakers for the resident kakapo population. Very interesting reading. And, apropos of nothing, I’ve been told (by my cousin, who used to do what Matthew is doing now) that kakapo smell very very nice indeed.
  • And Idiot / Savant wonders if Homo floriensis is still there, somewhere on Flores; and what does their existence (today or not) mean for us? And having watched a BBC doco last night about chimps I really do have to reconsider the idea of what is human. Technology will soon render the question obsolete anyway; but it may have always been irrelevant. (I’m not making sense here.)
  • Heather at Dooce writes her thirteenth monthly letter to her daughter. Those that said “Awwww” here can queue up and say it over there.
  • David notes a media story that suggests that police can use trojans and keystroke loggers to gather evidence without a warrant. Rodney Hide asks a parliamentary question on the subject and gets the brush-off. It’s safe to say then that our police probably do do this, which raises a few questions. Roll on, the surveillance society.
  • Wellingtonist has the biggest listing of local blogs websites I’ve seen. Good for finding out what’s going on – both event-wise and people-wise.

And now I must retire, so that I can read some more of the new Alastair Reynolds before I fall asleep. “Mastersinger of the space opera”! Really, The Times, you must do better.