Gathan Beaga

on the global frequency

After reading Malach’s story on his TV viewing habits I thought I should track down Global Frequency. One can obtain the pilot episode of this TV adaptation of what would seem to be (I haven’t read it yet) a stonkingly good Warren Ellis comic (bring on the Transmetropolitan TV series too, I say).

The twist is that the rest of the series was never made; the whole thing was canned for good a couple months ago. But recently, the pilot got leaked to the ‘net; people watched it and liked it; and now "there’s a crowd": wanting to have the rest made. Much to the surprise of the pilot’s producer.

And the show itself? Well… it’s not bad. Good in fact. Better than average; better than most of the crap on TV today. But that doesn’t necessarily make it required viewing for me, given how little TV I pay attention to these days. Not that it’s that easy to judge the quality based on a single episode.

Anyway, imagine a little bit of the Matrix, a little of Bond, and a little of the X-Files (I know, I’m being lazy with my comparisons). Spooky Cold War psychic weapons. Some snappy dialogue. Some pleasant to look at people. A bit of excitement and some low-key but good special effects. And a tidy ending.

Would I buy it? Would I assist in the birth (cue music) of a new distribution model for TV by purchasing and downloading each new episode from the ’net? I think I probably would, for this series at least, if the price was right.

But it’s not gonna happen, not yet. Think how long it took to get viable online music stores. And add a bit more to account for the “couldn’t find own arse with two hands” factor wherever Hollywood’s concerned (remember, these were the same guys that barely two decades ago opposed home videotape machines for piracy reasons – a group of technologies that now makes them as much money as theatre attendance).

So no holding of breath please. Blue is most unbecoming.