Gathan Beaga

on the black market

We got sucked in by the David-vs-Goliath narrative put forth by the Sunday Star-Times and checked out Black Market. (Apparently Progressive, one of the major supermarket chain owners here, is refusing to stock wineries selling stuff on Black Market.)

And found this, Framingham’s export label Tyler’s Stream Riesling 2003. And we’re very pleased with it: ordering a case on Sunday night, it arrived today.

The wine itself is good, but probably not remarkable, except when you consider the price. R. and I like bottle-aged Dry Rieslings, and we should probably drink it in the next six months, because it seems to be at about the best it’s going to be.

So for us it’s a fantastic bargain that will come out every weekend until it’s all gone. And really, that’s all we want out of our wine at the moment.