Gathan Beaga

on my ipod 2.0

So I’ve been downloading heaps of apps, good and bad (and mostly free ones, except for the ones I bought by accident). The iTunes app store does make the purchase and download process very easy, and there’s even an app store application on the device itself, which leads to lots of idle searching for cool stuff to download.

the iPintFavourites:

  1. iPint, Free. This is a silly one-hit wonder of a ad-agency created thing, using the accelerometer on the iPod to simulate a glass of (dodgy British lager) being drunk. Amusing.
  2. eReader, Free. Sure, this app is free, but in reality you have to have an account at one of two eBook shops to take advantage of it. Luckily I’ve been collecting short stories for the last six or seven years at one of these shops, so I have a substantial library of stuff to read. Fantastic for the morning bus trip, and something I’ve missed in the last two years without a PDA (my Palm, and later my P900, both had eBook readers).
  3. Twitteriffic, Free. I was wondering how much I’d really use this given that I mostly only use the network features of the iPod when I’m at home and am near the laptop. But this really (for better or worse) lowers the barriers to using Twitter. There are some other free Twitter clients too, but I’m thinking of getting the paid-for Twitteriffic.
  4. nzguide, $4.19. This shows the TV schedules for the major TV channels here, but arranged so that you know what’s on right now (you can click through to the full listings). Unfortunately it doesn’t use the iPhone standard UI, but it’s not too bad a travesty.
  5. Bloomberg, Free. Well, it’s a little specialised, and I’m not always interested in financial news, but as an example of a great news application it shines. And if financial news is your thing, then this app will be as crack to you.

There are a few apps still missing for me:

  • a password storage app – ideally I’d love to see an open-source iPhone/iPod version of Password Safe. Sure, there’s SplashID already, but I have over 250 passwords in Password Safe, across work and home, and I’d like to stick with that. I’d pay for this.
  • blog client – I’d love to be able to post to this blog using a specialised app – there is one for TypePad blogs, and another for WordPress blogs in the works… but something general like MarsEdit would be perfect. I would pay for this too.

Yes, it’s been these things that have keeping the iPhone fever at bay.