Gathan Beaga

omnibus (again)

A few drinks at the pub and my thoughts are fragmented beyond the capability of a coherent blog posting. But at least I’m giving it a go.

  • How to sharpen a knife, by a knife geek. There are geeks of all sorts these days – either you are an otaku for your chosen subject, or you are nothing.
  • Please let this fuck with your head. In a very nice and sexy way.
  • I’m watching Dragon’s Den, surely an infinitely preferable version of the genre compared to the colossal schlockfest of the Apprentice. Apparently there’s a New Zealand version coming soon. And I’m thinking that one day Dave will be on it – maybe initially pitching, but within ten years he’ll be one of the dragons…

Well, there we go. A couple of warmed over BoingBoing postings and I’m done for the night. Now on to my library (comic) books: Transmetropolitan: the new scum and Tom Strong 1 & 2…