Gathan Beaga

of nothing in particular

Time for one of those fill in postings about nothing much. Unfortunately, I’m not as witty as Jerry Seinfeld, so this won’t be quite as entertaining as it should be.

In fact, why am I bothering? I shouldn’t really. Maybe I need to invent a new category for this site called blogorrhea. Exemplars could include the following scintillating bon mots.

  • Rosa is feeling a lot better now. Which is good.
  • Wasn’t Hustle the other night just about the single most perfect hour of television to be seen this year?

Also, this posting brought to you courtesy of Apple and MagnumMac, the former for manufacturing an iBook with a nasty logic board fault that decided to manifest itself yesterday, and the latter for lending me a very beautiful PowerBook G4 to use in the meantime while my machine is fixed. It’s an unbelievably classy machine.

Lastly, apropos of the title, here are some words out of context from an ancient poet, a poet whose words resonate with me to this day:

you shut your mouth
how can you say
i go about things the wrong way

Good night, and thank you.