Gathan Beaga


… on the road/rails on the way to the Bay (luckily for me I didn’t have to drive):

  • out of the Rimutaka tunnel, lambs stringing along playing follow-the-leader;
  • between Featherston and Carterton, three rabbits heads up sniffing the breeze in the golden late afternoon sunshine;
  • after Carterton, a trio of pukeko take inspection of their boggy range;
  • at Woodville, some heifers grazing the long acre contentedly;
  • after Woodville, a string of cows trudging with resignation to their udders’ ease in the milking shed;
  • before Dannevirke, a jacaranda flowering dense purple at the side of the road;
  • and somewhere between Tikokino and Maraekakaho, arrival in the Hawkes Bay is signalled by the first mynahs at the side of the road.

It was my turn to drive the return journey. However, when R₂ is doing her imitation of a stuck pig (the baby seat does not agree with her) for hours at a time, sanity is preserved only though a set of earplugs and an unholy concentration on driving. So nothing much to report I’m afraid.