Gathan Beaga


More random points in the absence of anything coherent to say…

  • Country people seem to like get up very early. It’s not a good look making morning tea for someone you’ve never met before while attired in your dressing gown. Even if it is only 8am.
  • When you are asleep, a possum on the roof at 4am sounds remarkably like a homicidal maniac trying to bash their way into the house.
  • For better or worse, few places in New Zealand are more than half an hour from a decent espresso. We’re just 10 minutes away here.
  • Those large bones with the honeycomb interior that the digger found are not from a cow.
  • As is usual, the girls sleep well. But in between…dogs, donkeys, sheep, calves, lambs, hens, birds, tractors, quad bikes, space, and more space… and their grandparents. In other words, the girls go nuts.
It’s good.