Gathan Beaga

not very mysterious

Breast Hill from Lake Hawea Township

I’ve always been fascinated by these three patches of bush on the eastern side of Lake Hawea, on the sides of Breast Hill (1577m).

[An aside: Amusing name, yes; although it wears a bit thin: the next peak to the right – not in this photo – is “Breast Peak” and one assumes the person naming them both was a little lonely at the time.]

There’s very little other bush on those hills. I don’t know whether it was logged (looks a bit steep for that) or burnt at some point (possibly – it’s quite dry over that side of the lake). So the bush has always drawn my eye, and I’ve wanted to climb up and have a look.

Not that I ever have. I’m too much of a farmer’s son to do it without asking permission of the landowner (Lake Hawea Station, I think). All a bit much hassle when on holiday, especially just to satisfy such a peculiar whim.

It turns out that my cousin Ross has also had the same curiosity about this bush. But he actually went up there, and could report that the bush is eaten out and in a very poor state (as should have been guessed given that it’s part of a working farm and unlikely to be fenced given the terrain).

One less thing to occupy my mind, then. Not mysterious. And possibly not even interesting.