Gathan Beaga

never eat anything bigger than your head

Today was one of those days, all too few, in which the perfect late spring conditions are achieved: mildness, lack of wind, clear skies. And so we spent a lot of time in the garden, like many suburbanites.

By now though, R₂ and B₂ know well how to divert me from my purpose. R₂ spotted this greedy lady jumping spider:

Never eat anything bigger than your head

She was one of three we spotted scoffing up large. It’s that time of year, after all. Lots of babies to make.

So yeah, I ended up taking a few photos instead of doing useful things like plant spuds and mow lawns. Useful is over-rated.

And I had to take B₂ down to the park for some bike riding and more “soccer practice”.

sunny day at the park

You see, since she’s started reading Go-Girl Angels, she’s decided she needs to become a football player. Maybe we’ll have to go to the Phoenix soon. I’m just loving that she’s reading on her own and absolutely loving it.

Here’s to summer, then.