Gathan Beaga

nessie, probably

Missed the bus this morning, and like the nth generation removed scion of good Scots people that I am I walked to the next bus stop, which is on the section boundary closer to town and therefore marginally cheaper.

On the way I saw this beautiful and mysterious creature:

loch ness kererū

I was only about three metres way from it as it systematically stripped the tree of… ? blossom, I presume.

Of course, the picture (of what might be a kererū but could in fact really be an aerial relative of the Loch Ness Monster) proves that my phone camera could in no way be described as quality, at least for this sort of application.

Of course, this makes it the perfect scientific instrument for crypto-zoologists. In fact, shortly I expect to catch a photo of the Ashburton panther. And after that, the Taieri otter. And maybe a moa or two and perhaps a Harpagornis for afters.