Gathan Beaga

mystery plastic

the CrabbleThis arrived in the mail today, all the way from the UK.

It’s a Crabble.

It doesn’t look like much1. It certainly didn’t cost very much. But it’s something I’ve been wanting for a long time. I was, at one point, even thinking of using Ponoko to make something like it for myself – not the same as this, and considerably bulkier.

OK, so what does it do?

Given how monotonously dull I have become on the subject of the iPhone, you’d be right if you made a wild leap of deduction in that direction.

the CrabbleYes! You guessed it!

It’s an iPhone stand: simply fold it along the centre scoring and sit the iPhone on it.

But that’s not all. It’s cunningly shaped to work both in portrait and landscape, and is small enough to fit in your wallet (it’s in mine right now). And it has a couple of clear rubbery bands on each “claw”, which hold the stand steady on the surface it’s sitting on (think airplane tray table).

OK, I’d better cut this off before I start sounding like Suzanne Paul. (There are no steak knives for free with this product.) But you can use it to make video viewing just that much easier:

the Crabble

I love stuff like this: so clever, and so simple at the same time. And even better, it’s the product of another of those genius solo designer types I’m so fond of.

Need I say: only six US dollars delivered?

1 I used R.’s phone to take these photos. How I miss not having a decent camera with macro in my phone! Hopefully they’ll improve the camera significantly by the time I come around to buying another iPhone…