Gathan Beaga

My intro to Radio

I’ve had this trial copy of Radio Userland for 24 days now but haven’t really had a chance to come to grips with it until yesterday.

It’s cool… but… I find that it’s woefully slow on my 7600/200 Macintosh. And this is using iCab, not MSIE too. It’s probably just a function of the Classic Mac OS. Or something. Another thing that bugs me is images. It’s not that straightforward to get them in to your stories.

I could go back to learning about Frontier again, as I partially documented on “my editthispage site”, but I’m not sure I really have the time anymore. My main object now is to find a simple web publishing tool that can help me document, for friends and family, what Bella gets up to.

So I’m still working out whether Radio Userland is for me.