Gathan Beaga


I’ve created a muxtape here. Muxtape is a flash-hyped (i.e., new today, the cool kids are on it in a server-groaning flashmob, only to forget about it by tomorrow) service for creating something akin to a mixtape of ye olde technology.

I always used to love making mixtapes for people I was either trying desperately to impress or felt had dreadful musical taste, and maybe things don’t change. You may therefore decide for yourselves which category you fit into.

The muxtape contains some of my favourite mashups… or it would be, if the damn uploading on the shite broadband connection I’m on wasn’t so appallingly slow. I should have completed it by next week sometime.

In the meantime, and if your own connection is a spanking one, let me know where your muxtape is…