Gathan Beaga

musical signature

So imagine you are flicking through the radio stations of someone’s subconscious: what would you hear?

Find out here (via Anarchogeek) – the iTunes Signature Maker takes your most played iTunes tracks and mashes them into your personal soundtrack, sampled.

Mine lives here. Not even I recognise all the songs in there. But I should be able to. One of them does belong to R., though – it would seem that her Shuffle is also feeding into my list of most played tunes.

i take it – borrow water – ? – as i – ? – [R.’s track] – Rain – ??? – those robots eat me

So, in all there are 20 tracks; three seconds each. I think I know most of them. I’ve added the last one in – it’s too easy. Any takers?

later: I’ve added a few that I recognise… they may not be at exactly the right spot though…

  1. Species II – Minuit
  2. Blinded By The The Lights – the Streets
  3. Star Guitar – the Chemical Brothers
  4. Will Never Marry – Morrissey
  5. Waiting For The Siren’s Call – New Order
  6. Yoshimi Battles the Giant Robots – the Flaming Lips