Gathan Beaga

musical interlude

My sister-in-law has impeccable taste.

She’s getting married on the 31st, and my two (minor) jobs are to read some Hone Tuwhare and to make up a mix CD of New Zealand music for the event.

So here I am at the iBook, with a pile of 43 CDs for sorting and ripping. It’s a long job, because it’s just so tempting to listen instead of pick and choose. At this moment it’s “Your Invisible Life” by Bailter Space. Such a sneer in Alister Parker’s voice!

Earlier I was wasting far too much time rediscovering the joys of the Able Tasmans. “Hold Me I” has to be one of the coolest songs ever written.

It’s reinforcing to me the value of serendipity in musical choice: you don’t know what you feel like from your collection until you actually hear it. I need an iPod with all my music on it. I never know when the urge to listen to Sneaky Feelings will creep up on me…

I think I’m in a bit of trouble here. I’m only just up to the "C"s – Jay Clarkson at the moment, and next The Clean. It’s going to be a long night.