Gathan Beaga

music for the people

My extended rant about Radiohead’s new album and copy-protection was probably a bit misplaced as (frankly) I don’t really care that much about their stuff anymore. They did lose the sale, but life can still be had without their music. I guess that goes for almost any new music these days, as I become old and ossified in my tastes…

[…he gets out his ancient, scuffed copy of “The Queen is Dead” and puts it in the CD player; settles down in front of the fire with pipe and slippers; is overheard muttering something about how they “don’t make’em like that anymore”; falls asleep to Morrissey singing, aptly enough, about melting hearing aids…]

Excepting of course my current favourite artistes, Welsh lads the Super Furry Animals. The prospect of their new album, Phantom Power, has me in anticipation like a crack addict and it’s still a month away. I’ll be really hurting if Sony put DRM on it and it’s unplayable and unrippable in a Mac.

I’ll do a bit of research before I buy. Looks like copy-protection is less common in the US market (I’ve heard the Radiohead album wasn’t copy-protected there) so if there’s a problem locally then might get an order from me.