Gathan Beaga

Mr Reasonable hits the news

In the Dominion Post today there’s an article about the story of Mr Reasonable, whose blog goes into quite lot more detail about the dodgy dealings inflicted on him by a local property developer and the property developer’s, er, friends.

[I don’t know about anyone else, but italicising the word “friends” always brings to mind a certain subset of Italian society – as imagined like this: “Mr Andreotti whispered: ’Don’t worry – cosa amici in Palermo will sort it out for us.’” I’ve obviously been reading way too many books on recent history in Italy…]

Anyway, if the link comes online, I’ll post it here.

Update: 18 May_. The article is now online here. And as Stuff expires its articles in about two weeks, I’ve got a PDF version of the article herereasonable.pdf.

Update: 21 May_. Some further, astounding news for Mr Reasonable (PDF version 2.pdf">here). And big ups all round for Tommy’s.