Gathan Beaga

mr magoo

I had an “oh crap” moment , a good one, this evening while cleaning my glasses.

Holding them vertically, I was vigourously cleaning the left lens… and wondering why the entire right hand side of the frame was flapping back and forth.

Turns out they were broken across the nose, and held on only by a small piece of tortured plastic. It probably had something to do with an over-excited R₂ knocking them off my head twice this afternoon while she was on my shoulders… but I suppose in truth they’re just old. The plastic was looking a bit pitted and full of tiny stress fractures there anyway.

The good news: as it happens I do have a spare pair exactly the same, without lenses (it’s a long story).

The bad news: as the frames are handmade it’s unlikely that the existing lenses will fit.

The worse news: I’m off to Melbourne for work on Monday afternoon for the whole week.

I’m sure worse things could happen, but my mind just won’t let go of the possibility of me being in meetings all week, with people I need to gain the respect of, looking like an escapee from cast-member of Revenge of the Nerds with only a Wiggles plaster across the bridge of my glasses between me and semi-blindness.

I immediately drove to the supermarket in search of glue. Not forgetting of course to take my cellphone in case my glasses fell apart on the way and I had to be rescued.

I made it back ok.

And now, the frames are super-glued back together again. But I’m feeling very nervous about the whole thing.

Maybe I should take the super-glue with me, just in case. It might be a bit hard to find somewhere that sells it. Especially if I’m wandering around the CBD of a city I don’t know very well while doing a good impression of Mr Magoo.