Gathan Beaga

most excellent

“I feel a blog posting coming on”, I whispered to the other Wellingtonistas on our seekrit konspiracy kommunicator. (Unfortunately just a posting for this blog, not for Wellington’s premier city guide. I haven’t posted there for rather a long time. In fact I haven’t posted here a lot lately either. Hmmmm.)

Anyway, I was raving about Kapai down at Lambton Square. I’d just scoffed a Chilli Chicken puku. Jo had mentioned them earlier. It’s great when someone else’s rave recommendation pays out. And anything that encourages me to eat salad has to be a good thing. Highly recommended!

Meanwhile, I must encourage readers to vote in this year’s First Annual Wellingtonista Awards. These prestigious awards run a full range of life in Wellington, from evillest supervillain to the building you’d most like to “make sweet lurrve to”. Get to it, and be heard.

Oh, and there’s some nifty prizes too, all to be handed out at the awards ceremony on 1 December.