Gathan Beaga

More blogging by the moderately famous

More and more relatively famous people are arriving at blogging. I’m already a reader of Steven Johnson‘s ’blog (author of Emergence, a very interesting book on swarms and emergent phemomena). Now both Neil Gaiman (author of seminal comic series – sorry, graphic novels – Sandman) and William Gibson (author of several legendary cyberpunk SF novels such as Neuromancer) have blogs too. It’s good to see this sort of communication happening between artists and their audiences.

Another interesting blog , this time in a completely different area, is that of pseudonymous The Preacher, a straight-up and pragmatic Texan minister discussing his faith… and occasionally the lack of it, in a way that makes you think again about your perceptions of Christianity and Christians.

But I’d like to see blogs from a even wider range of people: journalists and politicians for example. Locally, Russell Brown is the most prominent journo blogger, but where are the pollies?