Gathan Beaga


I like cruising the gadget blogs, like many a bloke these days. Some of the more mobile focussed ones come up with some interesting stuff. I’m fascinated by the way mobile phones continue to become more ingrained socially into the way we live today.

The most apposite example of the day would have be the tragic story of an obviously mentally ill fellow who filmed his own suicide – jumping off a bridge – streaming it live via phone to his girlfriend with whom he’d just had an argument.

Then there’s just the plain silly, but rather cool, Star Trek Barbie Bluetooth Handfree Headset being sold on eBay by a clever chap from Christchurch. One of the questions on the listing is from a potential buyer that doesn’t want to be talking into Barbie’s crotch (luckily for them, you talk into Barbie’s mouth apparently) but I would have thought that would be the least of their worries if they were the owner of it. It does combine several red-alert indicators for socially maladjusted geeks: sci-fi, gadgets, and, er, quirkily directed interests in the opposite sex. I was a bit concerned that I found myself thinking Barbie’s uniform looked quite fetching on her.

Of course, the coolest mobile phone accessories available today are without doubt the Hulger P*Phone. They’ve had a few problems with tacky knock-offs of their idea, but Hulger is the successor to the Pokia which started it all off. How I’d love to pull one of those out on the rare occasions that my cellphone actually rings. Plus, it virtually eliminates any potentially brain-frying radiation (as long as you don’t have a bluetooth model, I suppose).

Becky’s worried now that I’ll get it into my head that I want one. Maybe she should be.