Gathan Beaga

minty freshness

MintI got sucked in to some cunning hype last night: trapped by a circular series of blog postings advocating a particularly nifty blog stats package called Mint. I ended up buying it. And it’s very good. I actually don’t regret the purchase at all.

Like many other website owners, I’m intensely interested in the numbers of my readers, what they are reading, when and with what. My host has an install of Urchin, which is OK, but I just never seemed to use it enough. I’ve tried a couple of other packages, most notably BBClone, which I simply could not make work.

Mint is a one page screen consisting of a series of very pretty panels, each of which (through some Ajax goodness) can refresh independently of each other without having to reload the entire page. There’s a page hit panel, and others for referrers, browser and platform stats.

And so now I know all I need to know about how many and when. (Answer: not really a lot and only sometimes.)

A screenshot from this afternoon is here. (Checking in recently, I’ve had a “massive” 115 unique users in the last 24 hours. Woo hoo!)

Things I’d like to see would be some sort of count of downloads of my RSS feed, and some idea as to the geographic location of my visitors. Given that there appears to be quite a nice plugin API, I can probably just wait a little while and see what emerges.

And in the meantime I can use Mint to see if my blatant linking to all those other blogs above gets me any return traffic: as they’re using Mint too they’ll spot my link to them right away…